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2016 pass quietly into this dark night, albeit there is a second to add to your number. The world is a different place for your passing. Things have happened and we are set on a different course. Who is the … Continue reading

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This was the sunrise a few mornings ago. The photo would have been more splendid five minutes earlier, there was a magnificent pink tinge lighting all the clouds.

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QUICK SAND… in truth, MUD

After the overflowing streams and mud cascading off the road two weeks ago it was time to clear out the drain into the ‘top’ pond. Both ponds, top and bottom, were refurbished, dug out and rebuilt, twenty years ago, but … Continue reading

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At last, I have traction on my Puffball Project. Weeks, even months, have passed, not so much stalled, more a series of false starts. Whether it is best the tale is told in the first person or third person, as a dialogue rich … Continue reading

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