They arrived on the charabanc for their seaside break at the Great Grand Hotel in Weston-super-Mare, down from the Midlands. Two nights bed and breakfast, take the sea air, have a good break then home again.

But something must have upset them. Was it their son turning up, Franklin? He’s a disruptive sort. Whatever it was they were in a right state when it came to be time to leave and go back home.

My, you would have thought witchcraft was at work, why the seas rose up, the winds howled, there were few trees left standing. Dudley was at it first and he was furious, but when it came to be Eunice’s turn never have I seen such fury, buildings trembled, rivers broke their banks and the sea roared.

Let’s hope Dudley and Eunice stay away and as for Franklin, we don’t want to see him again.

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