Day one of shooting by Somerset Film of my 2014/2015 Scriptwriting Competition winning script went well today on the beach at Burnham on Sea, despite dogs and walkers straying into the shot and the intrusion of jet engine noise from the incoming flight path to Bristol Airport.

But the day was good, 20160715_105858the rain kept away and by the close shooting was ahead of schedule and the evening rushes looked good.

The script is the story of an artist painting a beach scene, interrupted by a young man eating chips to the artist’s annoyance. But when they get talking they strike up a friendship. The young man, Randall, is a soldier who has overstayed his leave, he is troubled by the scenes he has witnessed on active service. 20160715_152139He finds an understanding person in the artist, Gerard, and a mutual interest in drawing and painting. Randall is persuaded to report back to his unit.

David Wheeler plays Gerard and Danny Chase plays Randall. Deb Richardson is the Producer / Director, 20160715_122751-001Ali Campbell is DOP and Phil Shepherd is on Sound, all for Somerset Film.

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  1. Ros Seddon says:

    How exciting Chip!
    Can’t wait to see the film. 😉

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  2. Chella says:

    Fantastic Chip. Well done. What an experience!
    Can’t wait for updates at the next Writers Anon.

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