… continues. After many blank days – and reports around the country of the lack of swifts, swallows and martins this summer – a pair of martins were here on Friday fluttering up to eaves, checking last years nests, both the bird made and man made nests. They were here for a few hours, but sadly four days later have not been seen again. At least there is a pair here in West Somerset, even if they have moved on.

Writing WIP has progressed with short story submissions – Yeovil Prize and Bridport have both closed at the end of May. Research continues on my novel set, in part, in wartime Battersea. The Wandsworth Historical Society have produced a DVD of their publications in recent years and is proving a rich source of wartime background facts.

Good news for me last month was getting onto the longlist of the Dorchester Literary Festival Writing Prize with my novel Requiem for Private Hughes. Fingers crossed for the shortlist later this month – all best to the seven of us who will become three!

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