Fun to be had on 11th July. I will have to face the Chudleigh Writers’ Circle ‘Dragons’ with a competitive opportunity to pitch my current WIP novel, JOE’S BEECH (aka The Register of Joe’s Trees), the story of a teenage girl, Alice Hallett, whose 1943 affair with Joe Carew, a US airman stationed in Bramlesham, Suffolk, ends in tragedy when Joe’s plane does not return from a bombing mission.

Decades later Joe Carew’s grandson, Joe III, researching his grandfather’s wartime service, visits Suffolk. Alice and Joe III’s paths cross to weave an emotional tale linking Bramlesham, UK with Rapid City, South Dakota.

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2 Responses to AND MORE…

  1. gailaldwin says:

    You did a great job, Chip. I love the metaphor of trees in your work.

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    • fordhollow74 says:

      Thank you, Gail. There is something about trees that grow through many lifetimes and tell their own stories. In the past week I have been revising my ‘workplan’ for the novel paying particular attention to the overlapping lifespans of the main players. It is important not to overcomplicate their plot lines; so far so good!


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