The New Forest Players are celebrating their ninety years of theatrical performance this week following their playwriting competition with six one act plays, three for a younger audiences, three for older audiences.

My play PLACE OF REFUGE is one of the competition winners. The play follows one of  the four young refugees smuggled into the country in a lorry, escaping when the lorry delivers packaging material to a West Country milk factory. Discovered in a garden shed, the family of retired farm worker, Reuben, his daughter, Carol, who works at the milk factory and his student granddaughter, Julia, whose boyfriend is the local policeman, PC Thorne, reflect the opposing sympathies and opinions of a local community on what should happen to Ahmed.

Should he be surrendered for prompt deportation to whatever his fate in Afghanistan or given a chance to educate himself and maybe return to his country in the future to contribute from strength.

I will be at New Milton on Saturday 21st July to see all six plays on their third day of performance.

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